Coach Jess’ personal goals for each skater:

  • To build a lifelong love of the sport
  • To build a strong foundation in the basics through the more advanced elements (basically from Snowplow and Basic 1 through higher level USFS testing onward)
  • To guide students toward their goals and keep them on track, whether it’s competing, shows, or testing
  • To learn and understand good sportsmanship, health/fitness, and other lifelong lessons that accompany any sport or athlete

* Depending on the skater’s skills and interests, I may begin team-teaching to help the skater get different views and perspectives on how elements, choreography, etc. are performed. All other coaches involved in the teaching relationship:

  • are considered equals — my intention is that we are meant to complement and build upon the suggestions and ideas of one another.
  • may have more of an expertise in a particular area and might be encouraged to focus on that area with the student, all with the intent of allowing the student to grow. *