Aug 28

My off-ice classes

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…are to start next Thursday, September 4. I will hold them:
  • Sundays at 4
  • Thursdays at 5:15
  • Fridays at 6:30
It’s $10 per class and we’ll find a place either inside the rink area or in the hallway to set up. The classes will be 30-min sessions open to everyone. If you do four classes a month, the fourth class of that month is free.
As I mentioned before, I highly recommend this class to my freeskate level skaters to help with their strength, flexibility and endurance as they progress with their more advanced jumps.
I’ll have my spinner, ladder, slideboard and other training devices to get your skater the best he or she can possibly be! You just bring:
  • exercise clothes
  • tennis shoes
  • yoga mat


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Aug 27

Skating homework

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I’ve talked to several of my freestyle level skaters about this and to make it official, all my Freeskate 1+ skaters should let me know the following by their next lesson:
Where do you want to be / what do you want to accomplish by Christmas time?

Goals will help me help you; I know a lot of you are skating recreationally, but it helps to have a goal in mind so that we can make the most of the lessons, especially my higher levels. Keeps you working and motivated.

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Aug 18

Test session added in September

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For my Pre-Preliminary kids and up, a test session is being planned for late September since many skaters could not get on the August test session. If you are not already a senior member of USFS, you’ll need to become one before being able to test.

To be a member, the easiest way is to become part of the Austin Figure Skating Club. Forms are here.

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Aug 17

Goodbye summer 2014

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Boo, we’re in the last week of summer! If you haven’t sent me your preferences for fall lesson times, please let me know. If you’re an old student, I’ll assume the same schedule as last school year unless I hear otherwise. I have most of the schedule posted online.

If your skater is Freeskate 1+, I kindly request that more of you guys transition over to skating on freestyle sessions if you haven’t done so already. You all are wonderful and word-of-mouth has been great for my business. I officially have 40 current students and am hoping to make sure I can keep everyone on the schedule as much as possible. I want to make sure I can serve skaters who’ve been waitlisted a long time.

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