Freestyle / Public Session


  • typically 45 min. each open exclusively for skaters in Freestyle 1+ for lessons and practice
  • necessary for skaters who are doing programs and working on moves
  • a very focused practice/lesson time with certain rules/etiquette
  • – jumps are on the ends of the rink
    – spins are in the middle
    – the person with the belt doing their program has the right of way
  • punchcards are available to save $$ in the long runĀ 
  • maximum number of skaters: 25

Public Skating

  • for anyone to practice with no limit on the number of skaters
  • best time is during school or right after school
  • busy on the weekends, especially during the winter and with birthday parties
  • can buy a frequent skater punchcard if not part of the LTS program at Chaparral
  • may not be the best for serious/advanced skaters