Competitions / Shows

INTERESTED IN COMPETING? Here are some basic things to know:


  • normally should have a variety of fast / slow / medium pace
  • Basic 1-Freestyle 6 may have music with lyrics
  • appropriate for the event (artistic – flowy, footwork- fast, etc.)
  • duration depends on the level / event
  • can be as short as 1:00 to 4:30


  • use up entire surface of ice, or half-ice (depending on event)
  • well-balanced with jumps, spins, footwork, artistry



  • dresses / tights for girls
  • pants / shirt for boys
  • no holes / snags
  • jacket temporarily allowed during warm up of competitions
  • more fun events may have more extravagant dresses / outfits
  • no loose, dangly jewelry


  • pulled up securely in bun / ponytail
  • artistic programs have more freedom

TIMELINE around Competition Time

WEEK before the competition—

  1. Get dresses, tights, skates, hair accessories, and make up in order.
  2. Practice programs in the dresses to make sure everything is fitting right.
  3. Drink plenty of water, and eat well!!

Day BEFORE the competition—

  1. Get a good night’s sleep.
  2. Polish skates if they’re scuffed, unless you’re using boot covers in all your events.
  3. Check the Competition Checklist (see below) to make sure you have everything.

Day OF the competition—

  1. Arrive to the rink 1 HOUR before the scheduled event.
  2. Turn in a copy of your CDs for each event with the proper labeling—name, event, time
  3. Set up camp somewhere in the rink, and be mindful of leaving valuables unattended.  Find me (your coach) and let me know you’ve arrived.
  4. Start warming up and stretching.
  5. Walk through program with music.

30 Minutes before the event—

  1. Be fully dressed with makeup and accessories.
  2. Start warming up and stretching (jump rope, rotation jumps, positioning, dynamic movement, etc.)
  3. Have skates on by now.
  4. Walk through your program in a quiet spot.
  5. ***Keep those muscles warm!
  6. Check in with the ice monitor. (S)he will tell you where to go and wait. I will be there with you.

On-Ice Warm Up Time!!

  1. Will be 3 to 6 minutes long.
  2. Remember what we talked about doing from lesson time. I will be there to guide you, but use the time effectively (meaning, come to the wall for advice when designated in our plan).

Post Event—

  1. I will give you brief feedback about your performance.
  2. Be proud of yourself.
  3. Stay to watch the rest of the performers in your group.
  4. Keep skates on in case there’s an awards ceremony or family/friends want pictures.
  5. ***Above all, ALWAYS be a good sport and competitor, no matter what the outcome.
    1. Congratulate the winner and congratulate the others for good efforts.
    2. Represent yourself, your rink, and your coach well.

**Most Important Points:

  • HAVE FUN!!
  • Be a good sport and friend to all.
  • Support your friends and others from your rink.  Everyone enjoys good company.

Competition Checklist

For any competition you take part in, here’s a list of things to make sure you bring:

  • your skates, guards, soakers, and towel
  • extra laces (in case something happens)
  • extra pair of tights / skating socks
  • girls: hair accessories and make-up
  • CD / mp3 copy of your music (I will have an extra copy myself)
  • gloves, warm-up jacket, club outfit (if you have one), blanket
  • screwdriver, skate polish, nail polish remover, Band-Aids
  • water bottles, healthy snacks (bananas, granola bars, other fruits)
  • competition information – maps, hotel reservations, event times, practice ice
  • membership card – may be needed at the registration desk
  • luck charms if you got them!