– PSA Registered Ratings in Freeskate – ’14, Group – ’13 and Moves-in-the-Field – ’13, Certified Sport Science and Medicine, Basic Accreditation
– CER-A Compliant
– B.S. Kinesiology– Health Promotion; B. of Journalism– Copyediting & Design
– experienced in off-ice strength and conditioning using USFS STARS Testing and NASM guidelines
– other specialty classes include Power Skating, Edges, Adult Workshop and holiday show directing / producing (including This is Christmas based on a ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’, Alice in a Winter Wonderland, The Force on IceLet it Defy GravityChristmas Past…and Presents! and Chaparral’s former Halloween Show)
– coach member of Austin FSC and PSA
– Chaparral Ice Basic Skills instructor since 2006
– working on Junior MIF, Pre-Silver and Silver dances